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2023 Summit Program

You come to expand your network, learn and exchange ideas with like-minded people on SaaS topics.

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Master classes

Hands-on knowledge transfer for practitioners. After the master class, you will know how to tackle a specific topic in a very practical way and what you have to pay attention to when implementing it.

Speakers’ After Hour

The Speakers' After Hour is a Q&A on steroids. Instead of asking a few questions on stage, speakers take their most engaged listeners to a separate table where they can take follow-up questions and discuss ideas in a more intimate and actionable way than a stage would allow. We believe that value-creation starts when a potential solution can be discussed with additional context and in depth.

Round tables

In this mastermind session, a moderator structures and leads the exchange in a small group. Joint problem-solving and exchange of experiences.


Smart people discuss their perspectives on B2B SaaS including Q&A.

Event Program

Master Class

Christian Weisbrodt

CRO @ finway

"Sell me this pen!" - How to hire the right sales talent for your team

Great sales people always find a new job. How do you make sure that they will choose you? This masterclass will cover (a) how you create a positive candidate experience and (b) how to implement a hiring process to identify talent and not get blinded by swaggers.

Early Stage

Master Class

Gero Decker

Gen. Manager @ SAP Signavio

From startup to scale-up: Upping your game on planning & strategy, while managing your company from the beach

In this exciting master class, you will learn from Gero Decker how to have a proper annual strategy and planning cycle - and thus bring calm and clarity to the organization.

Growth Stage

Round Table

Janette Wiget

CFO @ Merantix

How AI-first SaaS applications seed new platform companies

AI will not only make the next generation of SaaS applications possible but also fuel the creation of entirely new business models. With that new, impactful, vertically integrated AI-first platform companies will emerge.

Early Stage

Master Class

Jens Polomski

Online Marketing Freelancer

AI tools in marketing - more than just a new trend

OpenAI has really stirred up the content world with things like ChatGPT, DALL-E or GPT-3. These tools are definitely not a trend, but will drastically change the way we produce and consume content on the internet. I'll show you what's currently possible, the advantages and disadvantages of the technology and, of course, tools that you can use directly yourself.

Early Stage

Master Class

Julia Goelles

VP Marketing @ Parloa

Brand & Demand: 5 Success Strategies for your Enterprise SaaS Marketing after Series A

Enterprise SaaS Marketing is in a league of its own. In this master class you will learn which success strategies you can use to win them. You will hear which channels work (and why), how to build a modern marketing team and what role brand, partner marketing and the sales team play in this. Because SaaS marketing is so much more than just raking in leads. Julia is a passionate SaaS Marketing Leader and shares her learnings and practical tips to help you successfully implement these strategies.

Growth Stage

Master Class

Lina Chong

Investment Dir. @ Target Global

Guide to fundraising early stage venture capital

This masterclass aims to prepare you for a pre-seed, seed and Series A fundraise. We'll cover what's important for founders to know when pitching an early stage business to investors, and what common characteristics there are in successful fundraises. We'll dive deeper into how to shortlist relevant investors and how to run a process as a resource constrained startup. Hosted by Lina Chong, Investment Director at Target Global.

Early Stage

Master Class

Michael Bogner

Founder @

3 Strategies for a Scalable, Predictable Product-Led Growth Engine

PLG promises to be the new big trend in B2B SaaS. But why? In the future, customers want to test products themselves instead of talking to sales. In the workshop, Michael will present proven strategies that have helped Perspective build 3,000 B2B customers within 2.5 years.

Early Stage

More activities are to be announced soon!