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May 3, 2023

Cold Calling Course by Hyrise

Cold Calling Course by Hyrise

Cold calling remains a highly effective outreach channel when executed correctly. However, many individuals are held back by the fear of rejection or lack of experience. ARRtist, co-host Hyrise understands the struggles faced by reps at all experience levels and is here to lend a helping hand.

Unlock exclusive access to their comprehensive 3-hour cold-calling course, where you'll learn from industry-leading sales experts. Gain insights from Hyrise's wisdom, learn from their mistakes, and implement best practices with immediate takeaways to boost your team's cold calling effectiveness.

What's included in the course? Dive deep into each element of a cold call:

  1. Introduction to Cold Calling: Goals and Best Practices (Written + Video)
  2. Structuring an Effective Cold Call (Written)
  3. Mastering the First Minute of Your Cold Call (Written + Video)
  4. Engaging Opening Lines (Written + Video)
  5. Asking Effective Questions (Written)
  6. Overcoming Objections (Written + Video)
  7. Closing: Securing the Meeting (Written + Video)

Ready to overcome cold calling challenges and enhance your outreach success? Don't miss this opportunity! Enroll in the exclusive 3-hour course and take your cold calling game to the next level. Click now for immediate access to expert insights!