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Be part of the most relevant B2B SaaS community in DACH

Join ARRtist SUMMIT to meet 400 high-profile B2B SaaS Founders, CxO and VPs and 100 B2B SaaS investors. Network with and learn from the most relevant community in B2B SaaS for DACH.

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Join us in Berlin on October 12, 2023 to network with

















ARRtist SUMMIT is our annual, high-profile and invite-only networking conference where founders and CxOs meet each other and connect with investors.

ARRtist is the knowledge exchange platform for B2B SaaS founders, senior executives and investors.

ARRtist SaaS Week Berlin

Using the momentum of ARRtist SUMMIT 2023, our partners are organizing special events for the week. Take the opportunity to connect further with other founders and investors while experiencing the city in a new and exciting way.

Organized by


Oct 11, 20:00 - 00:30

ARRtist SUMMIT Dinner

Restaurant in Mitte area (TBA)

This exclusive dinner will bring together some of the brightest minds in the industry to network, share ideas, and forge new partnerships. Our aim is to create an intimate and collaborative atmosphere that fosters innovation and growth within the SaaS startup ecosystem. With a carefully curated guest list, exquisite cuisine, and a stunning venue, this promises to be an unforgettable evening that will provide invaluable opportunities for all those involved. We can't wait to see you there!

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Organized by


Oct 12, 09:00 - 19:00

ARRtist SUMMIT 2023

Mitte area (TBA)

With over 400 high-profile B2B SaaS Founders, CxO and VPs, as well as 100 B2B SaaS investors in attendance, you'll have the opportunity to network with and learn from the most relevant community in B2B SaaS for DACH. Whether you're looking to make valuable business connections, gain insights into the latest industry trends, or showcase your own SaaS offering, this summit is the perfect platform to do so.

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What to expect in 2023


Networking first

We believe that a conference's value is mainly driven by the people you meet. A hand-crafted selection and multiple formats to connect ensuring you leave ARRtist Summit with high-value new contact as well as a smile because you refreshed existing ones.


State of the art content

Our goal is to provide you with the best content available on the German-speaking SaaS market, valuable insights from Founders and Investors, best practice playbooks, as well as learning from mistakes that save you time and money.


Two content tracks

Founders of different stages have different challenges and needs. Therefore we will implement two main tracks on the event - the EARLY STAGE track, focusing on Pre Series A (<2 Mio ARR) ventures, and the GROWTH track, specializing in Post Series A or >2 Mio ARR companies. Clustering content, people, and formats will save you valuable time, give you an orientation and increase your output on ARRtist SUMMIT even more.


Berlin SaaS week

We all are stronger together than alone. Therefore ARRtist SUMMIT will be just one part of the new BERLIN SAAS WEEK happening 11th-13th of October. Stay tuned for various side events, special guests, and meeting the whole DACH SaaS ecosystem in Berlin these days.

Speakers 2023

Sound knowledge, practical experience

In addition to the lectures and master classes, we invite you to directly exchange thoughts and network in various lounges and small group discussions - the mastermind sessions - in a relaxed and focused atmosphere. In a very comfortable, communicative, and interactive setting, the guests discuss based on practical entrepreneurial experience.

  • Scaling options for B2B software companies

  • Sales strategies and growth hacks, especially for the EUR 1-20MM ARR phase

  • Effective management and systematic increase in ARR

  • Recruiting, establishment, organization and development of efficient tech sales teams

A valuable network

Why join?

SaaS founders

  • Bring your company to the next level

  • Expand your network with SaaS founders in similar phases

  • Avoid serious mistakes when scaling your company

  • Learn from the best and develop yourself personally

  • Be part of an exclusive community of leading SaaS leaders in the DACH region

  • Meet the top SaaS investors

SaaS investors

  • Meet the most ambitious founders in person

  • Network with your peers - Europe's top SaaS investors

  • Strengthen your investor brand through visibility in the scene

  • Expand your network and get in touch with Europe's leading experts and solution providers


  • Connect with the founders and investors behind Europe’s upcoming B2B SaaS industry

  • Present how you can create value to our founders and investors

  • Share success stories how you unlocked value for B2B SaaS companies or investors

  • Build relationships with top decision-makers within the German-speaking SaaS ecosystem

Are you the founder of a B2B SaaS company?

We help with fundraising.

At ARRtist Summit you expand your network to VCs for the next round of financing and get to know alternative financing options such as revenue-based financing. Private equity investors are also present and are looking for companies for PE investments with a precise exit scenario.

Who’s in?

SaaS leaders from these companies already have a ticket to the ARRtist Summit 2023.

Who’s in?

SaaS leaders from these companies already have a ticket to the ARRtist Summit 2023.



Founder & Executive Pass*

on application


  • Clear recognizability via founder & executive badge

  • Access  to content cluster + masterclasses

  • Access to mastermind sessions

  • Access to 1:1 networking area

  • Lunch, snacks, drinks and coffee

*By applying, we ensure that tickets go to Founders, CxOs and VPs from SaaS companies.
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Investor Pass

VIP Speaker Dinner included


  • Clear recognizability via Investor badge

  • Access  to content cluster + masterclasses

  • Access to mastermind sessions

  • Access to 1:1 networking area

  • Lunch, snacks, drinks and coffee

  • Invitation to VIP speaker dinner

  • Introduction on the investor section of our website

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The ARRtist Summit is organized by a team of experienced founders in cooperation with software sales thought leaders from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our co-hosts make sure you get the latest know-how from the leading software sales experts. With their sales expertise for SaaS, enterprise software sales and experience in scaling B2B sales processes, they support the conference in terms of content.

Recruit the next generation of sales talent for outstanding tech companies.

Scale your sales with the leading Sales-as-a-Service provider.

With the Sales Acceleration Program, B2B founders can scale sales.

Founding Team

The organizers and founders of ARRtist are entrepreneurs and investors into various software and technology companies. They have gathered experience with both bootstrapped and venture-backed businesses ranging from day 1 to exit and IPO.

Julius Göllner

Matthias Ernst

Jannis Bandorski

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